Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - Train8nine
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019


For those of you that trained yesterday, you may have noticed that redlining out of the gate may have been a bad idea.  What we want to teach you is when to go HARD and when to pace yourself.  For shorter workouts, ie FRAN, go ahead and floor it.  However, for medium length workouts, pace yourself and keep that heart rate down.

Today your workout time is dependent on your DUB proficiency and your ability to cycle through those box jump overs.  We want you to step down off the box.  DO NOT be a hero and attempt to jump.  Right now the risk isn’t worth the reward.  It’s been a while since we did dips.  If you find yourself taking too many breaks, keep the intensity and go to push-ups.

Okay, over and out! Good Luck!





3 x 10 DB Arnold Press 

     3 x 12 DB Bentover Rows      

3 x 5 Overhead Press @ 65%

3 by 3 x 4 Cluster Strict Pull-ups
*perform 3 sets of 4,4,4
resting for :15 seconds.
Rest 90 secs between sets.


For time:

100 Double Unders
21 Box Jump Over with Step-down
15 Dips

80 Double Unders
15 Box Jump Over with Step-down
12 Dips

60 Double Unders
9 Box Jump Over with Step-down
9 Dips

WYO: DUB attempts count + DBL Singles, DBL Push-ups
GBP: 24/20, Box Dips
BRB: 30/24, Ring Dips


Banded Back Complex:
50 Pulldowns
50 Banded pull-aparts (supinated grip)