Saturday, April 28, 2018 - Train8nine
(305) 912-3963

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Saturday Schedule

8:30 am Power Yoga

$10 drop-in 8N members
$15 drop-in non-members


10:30 am Metcon

$20 drop-in non-members


Teams of two will complete the movements below.  In order to perform the movements, your partner must be in the required hold position for that particular movement before performing any reps.  You must pause if your partner breaks the hold position.  

5 rounds for time

20 Pull-ups
*partner must hang from pull-up bar

30 Power Cleans
*partner must hold high-plank position
*choose a load that both partners can perform 

30 Box Jump Overs
*partner must hold wall-sit
*choose a height that both partners can perform 

300 meter partner sandbag run
*one partner carries 100 meter then switch.
*choose a load that both partners can perform 

Post time to whiteboard.