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Personal Coaching


Our facility conveniently offers group training sessions such as, Metcon, HIIT and strength / muscle building camps.  However, each one of us has personal goals and challenges that need personalized attention.  For this we offer our personal coaching program.

Personal Coaching is not your traditional coaching model.  Depending on your needs, your personal coaching package can vary anywhere from one session to unlimited, the choice is yours.

Our diversified group of coaches are experienced in general fitness, physique, strength, CrossFit, power-lifting, weightlifting and endurance.

Coaches will begin your experience with an initial interview to define goals and expectations.  In this meeting, you will also undergo an assessment evaluation.  Your coach will then design a custom program to suit your needs, strengths, weaknesses and present injuries or limitations if applicable.

To speak to our staff regarding personal coaching, please call (305) 912-3WOD.