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Our Program

Choose from two programs to reach your goals.

“CrossFit or Fitness”



CrossFit programming to increase performance over all three metabolic pathways.



General Fitness programming for those looking to primarily burn fat and build muscle.

We have programmed for thousands of members over the past decade.
Both of our programs are designed to provide the proper stimulus needed to see results.

How we’re different

Train 8NINE has pioneered the BAND 8N assessment method.  BAND 8N allows us to test and repeat to record progress towards your goals.  The BAND 8N assessment method is applied through our periodical 8N COMBINE which is an in-house testing combine and competition.

We have adopted similar progression ideologies used for centuries in the martial arts to a fitness protocol with three core objectives:


Effectively prescribe workouts to achieve the maximum stimuli.


Providing goals for advancement and improved fitness.


Recognition of athletic achievements and aptitude to mentor others members.