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Our Method

All memberships include unlimited metcon classes and open gym for auxiliary training.

We offer up to 9 metcon classes a day to fit around your busy schedule and our open gym is available during all operating hours.



Group classes utilizing a variety of weight-lifting, olympic-lifting, body-weight movements, gymnastics, running, rowing and cycling.


Open Gym

We are an open gym facility. Your membership allows you access from 5:30 am to 9:00 pm.

Metcon workouts are group classes where coaches will guide members through a warm up, workout of the day and cool down. Coaches will help you scale workouts based on your color band and abilities.

How we’re different

Train 8NINE is an open training facility with unlimited access to our Metcon and HIIT group classes.  Feel free to train on our main floor, strength room or mobility area at any time of the day.  Members will also have the first right to join any of our exclusive programs and camps such as Lift 8NINE, Run 8NINE and various seminars.

Train 8NINE has pioneered the BAND 8N assessment method.  BAND 8N allows us to test and repeat to record progress towards your goals.  The BAND 8N assessment method is applied through our periodical 8N COMBINE which is an in-house testing combine and competition exclusively for our members.

We have adapted similar progression ideologies used for centuries in the martial arts to a fitness protocol with three core objectives:


Effectively prescribe workouts to achieve the maximum stimuli.


Providing goals for advancement and improved fitness.


Recognition of athletic achievements and aptitude to mentor others members.

Specialty Programs

Members may enroll in specialty programs, camps and clubs such as LIFT 8NINE, HIIT 8NINE and BARBELL 8NINE.  No matter how productive, exhilarating and downright fun a group program can be, nothing is more effective than personal coaching.  We offer a variety of general fitness and specialty coaches to help you reach your goals.



HIIT 8NINE is based around the efficacy of interval training and its benefits for building muscle and burning fat.



Lift 8NINE is a resistance-training program designed to increase muscle mass (hypertrophy) and strength.


Personal Training

One-on-one attention with our trainers on your schedule. Programs are personalized to your goals and abilities.