Monday, September 25, 2017 - Train8nine
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Monday, September 25, 2017

We hope everyone had a great weekend!  Here’s just a few announcements:

  • Save the date: October 21st – Dodgeball Tourney
  • 8N Barbell Weightlifting Class is back.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm, $10 member / $20 non-member

As you have seen on the TV, we are posting check-ins and the leaderboard.   Please upon entering the box, go straight to the iPad and check in.  You will then see your name up on the TV as “checked-in”.  Please help the coaches out with this process so we can focus on your training session.  Once your workout is complete, don’t forget to log your lifts and post your scores.

This week we play VERSUS.  Up first we have Brittney Spears VS Metallica.   Whoever gets the most votes during the week will be blasted through our speakers on Friday.  Cast your votes on the class whiteboard.


Lift 8N

3 x 3 Back Squat 70%, 80%, 90%

1 x 20 Front Squat @ 50%

3 x 10 Barbell Overhead Press RTF 3

3 x 15 Barbell Romanian Deadlift RTF 5

2 x 20 DB One-arm Bent-over rows



CrossFit Games Team Series Event 1

Teams of two (males, females or mixed)

9 – 15 – 21

Synchronized Thrusters

Synchronized Bar-Facing Burpees

Elite: 95 / 65

Rx: 95 / 65

Scaled: 65 / 45


Compare scores to (comments) and CrossFit Games Team Series Leaderboard.

Post time to ZP leaderboard and comment below.