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Monday, August 28, 2017 – Bench Press & Back Squat Max

How much ya BENCH?!!   This week we will find out.  Along with how much you squat, overhead press, deadlift, clean, jerk and snatch.


Why are we doing a 12-week cycle?

Our gym motto is “Exercise without Purpose is Futile.”  This means that we will always train with a goal in mind.  It’s the only way to see progress.  Over the course of the next twelve weeks, our strength/hypertrophy cycle’s sole objective is “overall increase in strength and muscle gains”.  Now ladies, I know what you’re thinking.   Terms like hypertrophy and muscle gains scare you.  I understand, please trust us when we tell you that you won’t look like a genetic freak or the Hulk.  You have far less of a certain hormone (testosterone) that expedites the growth of muscle.   However, if done correctly and routinely, you will see some nice lean muscle growth and the changes your physique and  strength.  Men, I expect some big gains from you guys.  This is not a specific movement strength cycle such as the deadlift of snatch.  At the end of this particular cycle, we expect to see increases in all your numbers.


The importance of knowing your numbers.

In order to see progress, we must obtain a baseline.  This means we need to establish a one-rep (or estimated) max.   You will do this by performing a one-rep max or a three-rep max.  With the one-rep max there isn’t any math that needs to be done.  That number is your one-rep max (1RM).  In some of the lifts, such as today’s Bench Press and Squat, we will obtain a three-rep max (3RM), which will be used to calculate an estimated 1RM.   Your coach will show you how to calculate your estimated 1RM by using your 3RM, or you can punch your numbers into this calculator.


Once you get your 1RM, it is absolutely imperative that you input this number into your Zen Planner profile.  You will use this number all cycle to calculate your lifts based on percentages.  We will also compare your pre-cycle numbers to your post-cycle numbers.  This will allow us to evaluate the efficacy of the cycle and make adjustments to the next cycle.


How the testing will work?

Once you enter the box, please immediately begin to prime your body, in particular the muscle groups we will be testing.  In today’s case it will be chest, triceps, shoulders plus quads, posterior chain and back.  Use some of the dynamic movements we have shown you.  Coach will then explain to you the method in which you will be tested.  At the completion of today’s test, we have posted an optional accessory lift and an optional metcon.  The most important aspect is to record your 1RM in the Zen Planner app.


Lift 8N

3 Rep Max Back Squat

3 Rep Max Bench Press

Optional Accessory: 3 x 10 One-Arm KB Row (RTF 5)

Post 1RM to ZP leaderboard.



3 rounds for time

20 Burpees Box Jumps

30 Sit-ups