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Metcon Class Goals

Over the past nine years, we’ve trained over 4,000 people in CrossFit.  Our CrossFit Metcon (metabolic conditioning) program is designed to achieve elite fitness through constantly varied, functional movements.  Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, defines fitness as “work capacity over broad time and modal domains”.  What does this mean? In essence… how much can you physically accomplish in the shortest amount of time possible. Our goal is to increase capacity in multiple domains such as strength, gymnastics, speed, cardio-respiratory endurance and stamina.


What does a typical Metcon class consist of?

Our Metcon classes will have a variety of weight-lifting, olympic-lifting, body-weight movements, gymnastics, running, rowing and cycling.  You will see movements such as the squat, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups and jump rope double-unders programmed into your workout-of-the-day (WOD).


  • Your coaches will begin each Metcon class with a few minutes of dynamic warm-up to prime the muscles and help prevent injuries.
  • We then explain the workout of the day, the movements and the goal of the workout.
  • Each member will be assigned a workout based on BAND 8N method with a prescribed scale-down. All movements and workouts are scaled to each member’s level of physical capabilities.
  • All members will begin the workout at the same time, methodically completing each movement and rep scheme until complete.
  • Your coach will then cool you down and complete the class.


How do I get started in Metcon classes?

If you’re joining Train 8NINE to participate in our Metcon classes, you are required to complete our on-ramp introductory course.  This can be accomplished in two ways: scheduling a private one-on-one with one of our coaches or attending our HIIT 8NINE class.

With our private on-ramp, one-on-one session, your coach will teach you the foundational movements needed to participate in Metcon classes.  Once our coach determines you have the knowledge and skill set needed to safely and effectively participate in our program, you may attend any of our daily Metcon classes.

The HIIT 8NINE program is a High Intensity Interval Training class consisting of body-weight and basic weight resistance movements.  The first week of every month, the first half of the class is spent teaching and training the foundational movements.   Once metcon recruits complete the week of foundational movements they may chose to move into the Metcon classes.  HIIT only members with no interest in the Metcon classes may opt out of the foundational lifts although we highly encourage participation.

If you’d like to attend a free class first, visit our Get Started page.



The best way to quantify progress is through testing, observing and repeating. Without this process, it is difficult to note progress towards your goal.  Our BAND 8N allows us to measure, assess and repeat to record progress towards your goals. We have adapted similar progression ideologies used for centuries in the martial arts to a fitness protocol with three core objectives:


  1. Effectively prescribe workouts to achieve the maximum stimuli.
  2. Providing goals for advancement and improved fitness.
  3. Recognition of athletic achievements and aptitude to mentor others members.


Since 2009 the founders of Train 8NINE and its coaches have led more than 20,000 group fitness classes and scaled workouts for countless members.  The purpose of scaling is to alter the workout to better suit each member, thus ensuring improvements not only in work-capacity, but ultimately physical conditioning and appearance.  BAND 8N assists our coaches in scaling workouts using a more consistent and accurate process.



In order to receive a band, you need to participate in our 8N Combine.  The 8N Combine is a celebration of fitness event held every four months at Train 8NINE. Programmed as an in-house competition, athletes, spectators and vendors will enjoy music, food and a competitive atmosphere. 8N Combine fosters community, fitness and pushing limits once deemed impossible

The 8N Combine consists of a variety of stations programmed to test your strength, endurance and movement skills.  You will generate a score based on your performance at each station.  Those scores will be added together to give you one cumulative score.  You will then be assigned an 8N BAND.

Once you participate in your first 8N Combine and receive an 8N BAND, you will train at the color, or slightly above it, for the preceding four months.  You should then participate in the next 8N Combine to retest and establish your next 8N BAND.  This process of periodic testing and assessing will create a more definitive and effective program in order to increase performance and physical appearance.