It won't be easy, but this is the push you need!

Through the month of May, we will hold you accountable to make lifestyle changes that will help you become a fitter & healthier version.

Accept the Challenge!  Join now!


This is the kickstart you need!

Win three months membership at Train 8NINE.

Here’s what you get:

  • A chance to win three free months of membership
  • Daily workouts either at Train 8NINE or online.
  • Access to our RISE app with daily tasks
  • One InBody test pre-challenge ($40 value)
  • One InBody test post-challenge ($40 value)
  • A shopping list designed by Erik Bustillo R.D.
  • Access to our Lifestyle Challenge Facebook Group
  • Access to our Zoom Lifestyle Seminar with your coaches and R.D.


Ready for a big change in your life?


*Starts May 3rd and ends May 29th
*Open to members and non-members
*Register via website

The goal of the Lifestyle Challenge is to encourage and develop healthy fitness and lifestyle habits.  

Participants will register then download the Wodify Rise App.

Participants must then set an appointment for their pre-challenge InBody body fat test.  You will then be contacted to schedule an InBody prior to the May 3rd start date.

Participants will perform and record three benchmark workouts – these workouts will be programmed as a daily WOD.

At the end of May, participants will schedule and perform the post-challenge InBody and will also re-test the three benchmark workouts (also programmed as daily WODs). Once all the data has been accumulated and tallied, the winner will be announced in mid-June.



Scoring will be broken down into three parts;
33% for Benchmark workouts
33% for InBody (Body composition) changes
34% for daily tasks completed.

For the workouts and InBody, the score will be based on the difference from the pre- to post- score.  That percentage will then be placed into a leaderboard and given a ranking.  The daily task score will be scored on Wodify Rise.

*All three leaderboard rankings will be added up to give participants a total score. 

Top male and top female will win three free months of membership.


SLEEP:  Minimum of 7 hours daily (1 point)
WATER: Minimum 64 oz daily (8+ cups) (1 point)
PROTEIN: Minimum 0.7 in grams of body weight daily (1 point)
VEGGIES: 2 cups daily (greens encouraged) (1 point)
FRUITS: 2 cups daily (preferably fiber rich) (1 point)
MEDITATION &/or READING: Perform one or both for a minimum of 5 minutes daily (1 point)
EXERCISE: Minimum 4 times weekly (8 points)
NO ALCOHOL SUNDAY THRU FRIDAY (except on Saturday) (6 points)