Friday, September 1, 2017 - Snatch Max - Train8nine
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Friday, September 1, 2017 – Snatch Max

Congrats guys!  You had an amazing week of testing.  Be sure that you go back and input all your numbers to the ZP leaderboard, if you haven’t already done so.  For the next 12 weeks we will be using these very numbers for our Lift 8N cycle.  We will explain to you in further details how to use these numbers.

This Saturday we will have our normal hours.  9am open community Metcon, 10:30 members only Challenge Saturday.

Monday, Labor Day, Coach Yanet will host an Open Gym session from 10am to 1pm.  



Lift 8N

1 Rep Max Snatch

Optional Accessory: 3 x 10 Barbell Good Mornings RTF 5

Post Snatch 1RM to ZP Leaderboard



3 rounds
15 Double DB Cluster
20 Pull-ups
500 meter run