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Our coaches are the reason we succeed.

Thoughtful  experienced coaches with your best interest in mind increase the effectiveness of your training and give you maximum results for the hard work you put in.

“With an emphasis on the word TRAIN, we believe there is a clear distinction between exercising and training – we TRAIN with purpose, in order to accomplish goals.” – Mike Osuna

The founders of Train 8NINE, Mike Osuna and Gio Pico, are among the early pioneers of the CrossFit movement in South Florida.  Mike co-founded “I AM CrossFit” in Doral, one of the first South Florida CrossFit affiliates, back in 2009. Discovering a successful formula for changing peoples lives, Mike and his then-partner went on to open five more boxes in Brickell, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Miami and City of Miami. Train 8NINE is the latest and most exciting evolution of Mike and Gio’s vision for fitness, health, longevity and community.

Through our years of experience in the fitness arena, we understand the importance of training different disciplines to better serve and accomplish one’s personal goals. Our primary focus is to guide the members of Train 8NINE on the most effective path to achieve individual goals.