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This course is designed for the beginner and recreational fitness enthusiasts.  We define a beginner as someone who has not participated in any physical activities in the previous six months.  We define recreational individuals as those that currently “work-out” with no clear-cut goal, no programming experience and have not had coaching on exercise movements.

Rebuild is designed for individuals who desire to get back in shape, but don’t know where to start.  Many of us grew up playing sports and recreational games. We were once healthy, lean, muscular and vibrant.  However, life has a harsh way of interfering with physical fitness and we tend to prioritize family, friends and careers above our own health and physical state-of-being.

Our bodies are extremely resilient and for some time the effects of eating poorly and not exercising do not seem as consequential, however, once we reach the tipping point of poor health, obesity and injury, we begin a rapid and steady decline towards a sub-optimal life.   

We understand the hardships that may come with a starting a training regimen.  We recognize the lack of time and inability to navigate through all the misinformation in the fitness industry.  The truth is it does not take “beast mode” to see results.  What we are striving for is Minimum Effective Dose.  Obviously as your body begins to adapt, you’ll need to up the stimulus to continue to reap the benefits, but the goal is adherence. 

Our vision is to give you the necessary tools to live long, fruitful lives free of aliments and injuries.   Materials in this course are science-based and “best-practices” to training.  You will walk out with a complete comprehension of why, when and how to train.

If you are looking for more information or have any questions, email mike@train8nine.com.

This course covers the following:

  • Benefits of training.
  • How to map out realistic goals.
  • Basics of programming.
  • Proper warm-ups, cool-downs and mobility.
  • Exercise instructions.
  • General Nutrition information (hosted by a Registered Dietician)
  • Each course day ends with a mini-workout scalable to any level of fitness.


Participants will receive:

  • One week of Unlimited Membership at Train 8NINE
  • Discounted entry into Body Transformation Challenge
  • Full course outline guide
  • Nutrition template and shopping guide
  • Three training templates: (2x, 3x, 4x a week)
  • Certificate of completion


Bonus: Participants looking to join Train 8NINE will receive a complimentary course day with additional movement instructions and thirty days of complimentary unlimited membership at Train 8NINE.

Participant capacity: 15

Fee:  $299.00